A word from our founder

Modjadji is managed by a professional team of experts. Leading that team is Theresa du Preez. A determined businesswoman who believes in empowering others.

I wanted to create this page in order to introduce myself and personally explain the idea behind Modjadji. I was in business for a large portion of my adult life. I have been an employee, I have been an entrepreneur and I have been neither. I have experienced all sides of employment and 'income-generation'. This means that I am well-aware of the in-equality challenges women face. I experienced them too.  


Which is the exact reason that I started Modjadji. You are aware that there are a lot of organizations that help women in some way - however, they are often either too radical to really achieve something or are too focused on one problem.  


The challenges that we want to take on is to lessen inequality and what we are trying to create is inclusivity.  We are open to all women that want to change and that strive for greatness. Whether you are a junior working your way up the ranks, or own your own company, whether you are black or white. The problem of gender inequality transcends race or employment type. It affects both entrepreneurs and employees. It affects all women.  


I want to make two things clear. Modjadji only has one entry criteria. If you want to join you have to be ambitious. You have to want to either climb up the ranks at your a company or want to achieve "world domination" with your own business. The second thing is that Modjadji is not designed nor will it ever be an organization with the narrative "men suck women rule". The only thing that Modjadji aims to achieve is to create an equal environment in which women are judged on the way they perform. If they apply for the job and are the better candidate then they get hired and that if they do the same work they get paid the same amount. The way that Modjadji aims to reach this goal is by focusing on long term changes and offering short term benefits. 


We offer short term benefits such as marketing and discounts in order to give women a small boost in the short-term. This will work in conjunction with our strategy of focusing on a sustainable long term strategy that will create lasting change. We want to bundle all business and powerful women to create one unified, incredibly large voice that can comment and influence legislation and help companies better their policy towards women. Modjadji will advocate the correct policy and help companies in adjusting their internal policy to make sure it is inclusive and focusses on skills over gender. We will also be lobbying in parliament to influence and aid lawmakers in what they people want. This is the long-term goal - which will create long-term change that will be sustainable.  


Joining Modjadji will also require input from you. You will have to participate in regular surveys to give your opinion on legislation and bills that you think will affect you the most. We will then be the messenger for this collective voice. Modjadji also does not promise a short-term immediate result. However, one thing that we do promise you is this, we will not stop. We will work as hard as it takes. We will achieve our goal in the long term.  

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