People Behind Modjadji

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Theresa | CEO

Theresa du Preez is an experienced entrepreneur that has been running her own business for 16 years. Before Modjadji, she founded the Sixth Sense which was an extremely successful artists management group that served much of the South African music world - including stars such as Coenie de Villiers and Zeal. She managed concerts all over the world and was the key to the organization's success. Her versatility and large skill set in various fields mean that she is the perfect person to run a dynamically challenging organization such as Modjadji. Like all great stories Theresa has faced her fair share of ups and down. For example, during the devastating financial crisis of 2008, it was Theresa's ingenuity that kept the sixth sense afloat.  Theresa founded the Sixth sense as a way to generate opportunities that she feels would have helped her with the creation and growing of her company. Modjadji is partially founded simply out of the experience that she has acquired over decades of business. 

Takalani | CTO

Takalani Radali is our Chief Technical officer and has spent years working in several fields of software developments. Takalani's portfolio is hugely impressive containing clients such as the big four banks as well as the large insurance companies in South Africa. Takalani's role in Modjadji is to oversee the technical development of Modjadji and to execute Modjadji's goal of largely operating the network using online technologies. At Modjadji, Takalani has already overseen the successful development of our website as well as the successful development of our online directory. The first of its kind for any network like Modjadji. In this directory, Modjadji members can advertise themselves to our website visitors. The directory has also given us the ability to effectively communicate with our members. Takalani is a crucial key in the chain that is Modjadji and the larger the network gets the bigger his role will become. 

Giel | Project Manager

Giel is from a long generation of entrepreneurs and the profession very much runs in his blood. His grandfather owned a patent company and his father manages an international certification company for small entrepreneurs. In Modjadji, Giel has a very broad task description. His main job is to ensure a viable operational strategy for the execution of goals as set by the members and management. He does this in cooperation with Theresa du Preez. One of the main contributions he makes is answering the questions "How do we get from where we are to where we want to go?". He does this with the ISO 9001 constantly in mind and is constantly making sure that the Network is in line and correctly co-operating with our ISO 9001: 2015 Certification. 
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