The plan

Modjadji has a clear set of goals laid out in what we call development goals. These lists contain what we want do do, what we are doing and the features that we have completed. We believe in full transparency. If appropriate we will list the features that we failed to develop. 

Feel free to read below and see what we are planning to create as well as what programmes and/or projects are in the process of completion. 
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    These are features and/or programmes that we have already completed. These were previously listed on the in-progress but we have completed this.

    • Directory so that our users can market themselfs.

    • Revised dashboard so that users can easily access content.

    • Introduced the Member benefits program with three partners specializing in coaching, design, marketing and web-design and much more to come.

    • Launched new website with a fresh image.

    • Introduced the knowledge portion of Modjadji exclusively to paid members

    • Free status introduced to make Modjadji more inclusive.

    • Modjadji started using survey Monkey to get better input from members

    • We introduced several email schemes in order to keep our members updated about what we are doing.

    • We introduced a suggestion box so that you can keep us informed about what you want.

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    These are features that we are currently in the process of building. It might be possible that we are first researching the viability of this feature. We do not guarantee a timeline.

    • The modjadji shop will be built in the next couple of months

    • We are investigating a public awarness app for women struggles.

    • We are investigating the possiblity of holding monthly member meeting to keep you informed of our progress.

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    These are potential features that we will be investigated and developed later. Basicaly this is a glimpse into the future of Modjadji.

    • Setting up "demo policy" for companies to use to improve working conditions.

    • Modjadji certification in which we certifiy women friendly companies.

    • Rate bills of the houses of parliament on their advancement of women.

    • Create an initiative that helps underprivilaged girls succeed.

    • Oraganize events for several purposes.

    • Create a petition and have it signed by companies in order to generate awarness.

    • Create a list of companies that are underperforming in women empowerment.

    • Setup some kind of a hotline in which women of all walks of life can report icidents to do with gender discrimination.

    • Create a newsletter website in which we spread success stories of women in the past and share them under a seperate website.

    • Setup a business help-line in which we use our expertise to help women advance themselfs and their company/career.

    • Organize give-aways

    • Setup a monthly/yearly award ceremony.

    • Setup the a fund that aims to help girls and women succeed - whith donations coming from all of the African business world.

    • Allow you to advertise on our newsletter for extra exposure

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