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Modjadji is a new initiative created by companies and persons in South Africa and Europe. We are a diverse and focused organization, with one goal: advance the interests of women, in South Africa first but if, or rather when, our strategy succeeds then we aim to introduce Modjadji to women across the world.

Modjadji is made up of a multi-cultural team. We have the backing of an international quality management organization, Global Network Group and its African subsidiary, African Network Group. We also have a partnership with a South African tech startup, YellowFlash software & directories. The structure of Modjadji is made up of a technical team, in charge of the online and technical aspects of Modjadji and we also have a management division who are in charge of the operational aspects of Modjadji. One of the core jobs of the management division is to make sure that the office operations of Modjadji is in line with the ISO 9001:2015 certification. We currently are ISO 9001:2015 certified by Lloyds Register.


The end goal for Modjadji is to create an organization that promotes a fair and equal playing field. We often say that in ten years we hope that the need for Modjadji to create/promote an equal playing field is not necessary. In the end of the day that is the goal. Referring to our ten-year plan - Modjadji hopes to create an equal playing field in which men and women have equal opportunities to succeed, and that your success is not defined by your gender. Instead, it is defined by you. We want to make it clear that we don't see ourselves as a feminist organization.

Women in exec position


Gender inequality rank /150


% of women with degree


% women in labour force


To conclude. Modjadji is an organization that aims to advance the lives of business women in South Africa not through preaching superiority but by preaching equality. We want women and girls to have equal opportunities so that if they are good at something, or believe they can achieve something - then they can. We also want to be realistic. We cannot do this alone. We know that. However, the whole point of Modjadji is not to change everything single handed but instead create a community of like-minded people.  We want to create a voice so loud it cannot be ignored. 
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