South Africa has made advancements in recent years in order to make sure that there is an equal environment for women. In certain statistics, we are even on par with a lot of first world countries. However, a lot remains to be done. Especially in the lower income sector. Now Modjadji has often said that we want our members to be women of power. However, in terms of equality, a large portion of the work to be done is in the lower income sector of the country. We see that women and girls are still stereotyped to be 'housewives' and not to chase success. This leads to women and girls feeling like they do not have opportunities. Now this is very much a problem that is entrenched into the way we teach girls and women as well as the general culture of the country. This will not change easily. However, nothing worth doing in life ever goes easy. Modjadji wants to advocate for bills that will give women and girls equal opportunities no matter what background and make sure that they can compete equally with any men. 

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Of course, there is also still a large amount of inequality even if women make it all the way to the top. Only 17% of women hold board positions in South Africa and much more statistics. This constant barrage of in equality makes the challenges that women face much different and often much harder than in comparison to men. We often see that when women apply for a job they are immediately dis advantaged to their male counterpart. This means that companies are hiring employees that are less qualified and will provide a worse result and they are doing this just because they do not want to hire women. Of course, part of this problem stems simply from the cultural flaws in our society as a whole. However, we believe that a lot of these problems can be resolved by advocating and implementing common sense policy that advocates for equality. Feel free to read more about this on other pages.  

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To conclude. There is still a lot to be done. However, we are eager for the challenge. The way that Modjadji is run means that we will work together with our members to make sure that we advocate for real change. 
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