One of the foremost short-term benefits that Modjadji offers is that we market our members using our state of the art directory.

Modjadji aims to be a future proof and future first entity and as a result, we have embraced technological innovations as a key part of our goal and as a key tool to reach that goal. Nowhere is that more evident than our website. We have invested a lot of time in making sure that it is sustainable and future proof. Of course, the main feature of  the website is our online directory – which we believe is the best directory in the world. The directory is specifically designed to give our members the marketing benefits that they need and to offer consumers a place where they can find service providers in an easy and over-seeable way. 


One of the key features of the profile is the fact that we have included a testimonial module so that you can display reviews from past clients. A lot of research into consumer behavior has shown that we like to go with the masses and buy what other people buy. This is why there are so many restaurant review websites like Yelp. In our directory, you can add as many testimonials as you want and they will then cycle through the profile. This will help massively when consumers are browsing your profile in the directory.

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The key innovation and difference of our profile and directory in comparison to other platforms is that our profile is styled and offers the features of a real website. With UI elements such as the FAQ section or the ability to add real life testimonials the profile that we give you has a lot in common with most websites that you can buy on the market today. However, the really special thing is that you get a lot more than what you pay for. Calculating that the average web-pages costs R10 000 and our membership fee is just under R1000 you are already saving 90% - without giving up a lot. 


One key sales technique in web pages is to answer questions that users might have about your service/product. If you can give them reassurance that these main questions are answered then they are more likely to buy your product or hire you for a service. If you sign up with Modjadji then you have the ability to add FAQ's to your profile and fill them in using whatever content you like.


A directory’s main requirement is SEO. Using this we will be found easier when using search engines and if we are found as a website by consumers looking for a professional - then, in turn,  you will be found by that consumer through us, generating you money and assignments. 


Our philosophy is that first impressions matter. That combined with the fact that over 50% of internet traffic is using mobile and tablet devices meant that we needed a solution that can satisfy mobile traffic as well as standard desktop users. We needed to cater to all internet users. What we came up with is the very website you are browsing now which scales to any size necessary for the applicable device. Optimizing your (potential) clients’ first impression as well as user experience. 

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