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At Modjadji, we feel that it is our job to make sure that our paying members get benefits that advance them and their companies.

Even in this day and age opportunities in the world of business are still perceived to be unequal. Women are not necessarily presented with the same opportunities as men. That's why when you join Modjadji we want to give you opportunities and benefits that not only make your investment worthwhile, but it makes it a business necessity. We want to do this by using a multipronged approach - which we will explain later. 

About us

Modjadji is a new initiative created by companies and persons in South Africa and Europe. We are a diverse and focused organization, with one goal: advance the interests of women, in South Africa first but if, or rather when, our strategy succeeds then we aim to introduce Modjadji to women across the world.

Modjadji is made up of a multi-cultural team. We have the backing of an international quality management organization, Global Network Group and its African subsidiary, African Network Group. We also have a partnership with a South African tech startup, YellowFlash software & directories. The structure of Modjadji is made up of a technical team, in charge of the online and technical aspects of Modjadji and we also have a management division who are in charge of the operational aspects of Modjadji. One of the core jobs of the management division is to make sure that the office operations of Modjadji is in line with the ISO 9001:2015 certification. We currently are ISO 9001:2015 certified by Lloyds Register.


Modjadji offers all its paying members discounts with a growing number of trade partners - these trade partners work in all areas of business and as a result, offer a very large assortment of discounts. Of course, we are constantly also looking for new trade partners. This program - which we simply call the discounts program - is aimed at giving women and their companies discount offerings on both products and services.

You will receive regular mails listing trade partners, new deals and other relevant information. Now if you are reading this and you think that you have a service that you would be willing to offer to our members, then send us an email, becoming a trade partner is free of charge to you. The only criteria is that you offer your service at a discounted rate - whatever it is that you want to do. Want to read more about how discounts can benefit you? Click below! Want to become a trade partner? Click on the menu and select "contact us!"
“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness" - Oprah Winfrey


One of the key drivers behind Modjadji is to achieve our message by using technology as a spearhead. Technology is leading everything that we do and taking over our lives. One of the largest innovations in modern technology is the world wide web, an amazing source of information and an awesome tool to use for marketing. However, recently the web has become more complicated, more expensive, and less effective - due to a larger then process-able supply. Google search results turn up so much data, millions of results, that for consumers it has become complicated to find what they need. This is where directories come in. Directories are a web tool that helps consumers navigate the web and we have the best directory that you can find anywhere. Especially when it comes to the profile. Traditional directories offer you one page where you can place your address and that's it. They do all that while consumers are not looking for your street-address - they are looking for the correct person-service combo to solve the problem that they have. A consumer wants to know who he/she is hiring and as a result wants to read the information that you have to offer. That is a key functionality behind the Modjadji directory. That combined with high tech SEO means that our directory cannot be matched by any of our competitors giving you a marketing boost that advances your business. Read more by clicking below. 


It's important to remember that Modjadji was founded by and is backed by Global Network Group.   Global Network Group started out as an education company and training provider in the highly specialized maritime sector. Currently, they have increased their services to regulating the maritime and other sectors using their own brand of quality control. This gives Modjadji a fair amount of experience in quality control and the providing of training and education. This makes us perfect to organize events in which business women can learn and perhaps understand new skills or new techniques that can help their companies. We will also make available several technical lessons on running a company as well as on ISO 9001 based operation aspects of running a company. We will also be working in tandem with our trade partners in bringing exclusive content to you. Educational content can only be used and viewed by paying Modjadji members.


One of the key functions of Modjadji is to give women a voice. If you asked us to choose the most important end goal that Modjadji has, it would be to give & create a collective voice for women. We lay great emphasis on this and if you join Modjadji your participation in surveys and making sure that your voice is heard is crucial - almost mandatory. This is the only way that we can ensure change in the long run - which is our main goal. If we can create change in the long run, on a large scale,  then that would be the greatest benefit that we could give business women. If Modjadji was responsible for creating an equal playing field for business women then we consider ourselves a successful organization. Click below to read about how that will benefit you as business women. 


One of the main goals of Modjadji is to create a collective message. We as Modjadji see it in ourselves to be the loudspeaker of that collective message. However, it is important that we can deliberate about what exactly the message is that we want to echo. Now, this is something that we really aim to pick up when Modjadji's membership has picked up to ~250 members. Only then will we create an official online community in which our members can discuss anything that they want and we can interact directly with our members.
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