Policy advocation

Politics is at the center of all of our lives. Politicians are the ones that make the rules that we abide by in our daily lives - which is the perfect place for us to echo our message.

Policy advocacy

The reason that we do not call this "political lobbying" but instead call this policy advocating is that our definition extends far further than just the chambers of parliament. Modjadji wants to change the very ways companies treat women in business - both as external service partners as well as employees. To do this Modjadji needs to advocate not only political policy but also workplace policies, hiring policies and many more.

Allow us below to explain what types of policy that we advocate for.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead
The main form of policy advocating is and remains political policy support. In the chambers of parliament all the major bills are debated on and so we see it as our duty to write to, email and call MP's to make sure they support legislation that advocates the same message that Modjadji aims to spread. Modjadji aims to focus specifically on bills that lay a larger focus on women in business or in the workplace. The larger that the network gets the more influence we should have on outcomes. Modjadji will aim to inform its members on how the policy affects them, providing information along the process.
Modjadji aims to write a set of policy documents that advocate for work quality control that is fair to women, we also aim to create a large amount of other controlling factors that will help create a fairer environment towards women.
In Modjadji's definition, the term appointment means to promote, hire, or appoint to a new/separate position. This definition encompasses board appointments as well as the hiring/firing practices of companies. Modjadji understands that these practices are often skewed in the favor of men. Modjadji aims within a year of its founding to have a clear policy objective and a clear set of guidelines that help companies get these practices right. We aim to write this policy in conjunction with our members.
If other types of policy appear or apply Modjadji will act accordingly
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